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Spiriva (generic esteem: Tiotropium) is an anticholinergic medicine.
Spiriva comes in 1 / 2 / 4 packs, 15 rotacaps per pack. A rotahaler is included.

<i>1 mass: 15 rotacaps + rotahaler
2 packs: 30 rotacaps + rotahaler
4 packs: 60 rotacaps + rotahaler</i>

Spiriva is utilized to press breathing easier since people with conditions such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), bronchitis and emphysema. This helps to put your acclimate and to block exacerbations (episodic worsening of symptoms) from occurring.
Spiriva improves breathing by relaxing the breathing tubes or breath passages that keep on divulge to and from the lungs. It begins to shtick quickly (30 minutes) after misuse and the virtually should last a full day.

Keep up with the directions seeking using this prescription provided close to your doctor. Eat Spiriva scrupulously as directed.
The recommended administer in the interest of adults is 1 capsule to be inhaled, in the twinkling of an eye a day.
The effect in the capsules necessity however be inhaled using a HandiHaler device. Utility each strip of 5 capsules within 5 days of first opening the strip.
Using the HandiHaler device, pierce the capsule merely once. If you skewer it more often, the capsule may break and pieces of gelatin from the capsule exterior, pint-sized adequate to pass the sieve, may be inhaled into your pout or throat. Gelatin is not harmful and small particles swallowed or inhaled choice be digested or wrapped up and are not expected to precipitate unsuitable effects.
If you secure any problems with inhaling Spiriva ask your doctor or posologist for advice.

Tell your doctor formerly using Spiriva, if:
you are allergic to any medicines;
you be struck by high strength in the eye (glaucoma), kidney problems, problems with your prostate gland, or problems with fleeting urine;
you are fraught or breast-feeding.

Busy ingredient: tiotropium bromide.

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