Android 2.2 Smartphone with 3.2 Inch Capacitive Touchscreen (Dual SIM, TV, WiFi)

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Now we well tell you about dual <a href=>sim android 2.2</a> phone!
Improved Speed:This speeds up Android apps by 5 times more than on Android 2.1!

Web Browser:Fastest mobile browser in the World! Speeds up JavaScript execution time.

User Connectivity:Turns your phone into a modem, enabling you to connect to the Internet on your laptop via your phone.It can also act as a WiFi hotspot,letting others to connect to the internet through your Android Smartphone.

User Interface Tweaks:
- New Gallery:This lets you view stacks of pictures using a zoom gesture.
- Updated On-Screen Camera Controls:Access adjust zoom, flash, white balance, geo-tagging, focus and exposure, all from the screen.
- Google Calendar:Much better looking Google Calendar!

Enterprise Features:
- Remote Wipe feature lets you wipe your Android Mobile Phone if it's ever stolen or lost.
- Device Backup: You can now back up your whole device, including all data from your third party apps.
- Microsoft Exchange Accounts:Simply enter your username and password and <a href=>sim android 2.2</a> will automatically connect and sync with your Exchange server, pulling in your emails and Exchange calendar onto your Android phone

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