Closest Doom Port to Xbox?

#1 von westinbrodey , 10.02.2018 13:52


I've been looking for a Doom port for a while that is a combination of GZDoom and the Xbox version of Doom. I can set *some* options to be like Xbox but not play like it. I don't like the fade on the screen flashes and I don't like how messages stack and also fade in ZDoom. If there's a way to change this, let me know. Or, if there's a port that's basically Doom 2 for the Xbox with ZDoom's options, let me know that too. I've tried Chocolate Doom and it just doesn't have those options I need though it has closer GUS emulation.


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RE: Closest Doom Port to Xbox?

#2 von saicharan ( Gast ) , 04.03.2018 08:26

The 32X version is considered one of the worst ports, thanks to the fact that it was rushed and thus doesn't contain the third episode "The Inferno".


RE: Closest Doom Port to Xbox?

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