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Additionally, this TomTom is equipped with the popular IQ Routes Technology feature. TomTom’s IQ Routes feature supplies its user quick information on the shortest routes to take for a journey based on stored time of day historic data.

In addition to the Lifetime Traffic and Map updates as well as the IQ Route feature, the XXL 540TM is equiped with a Lane Guidance feature. with this feature enabled Claude Giroux Jersey , your GPS device will sort out the best land for you when you are approaching busy and often time confusing intersections. You will also get millions of preloaded points of interest on your route such as hotels, restuarants and more. If you do get lost, no need to panic. The the “Help Me Menu” of the TomTom XXL 540TM is replete with emergency contact information which which you can get help in record time..

Various versions of the TomTom XXL 540

What Are the Various Versions of the XXL 540 GPS?

Because of the popularity of this TomTom, the internet is enundated with so much information on it and the others in the XXL 540 Series that it can be very confusing to many seeking clarity.

The versions are put into two series. They are the XXL 540 Series and XXL 540 WTE Series. The XXL 540 WTE is made to suite the needs the frequent traveller. They come equipped with an extra 2G memory and additional language settings. Each of these series has the standard version (S) that doesn’t come preloaded with lifetime traffic and map updates, the only traffic update version (T), the only map update version (M) and the lifetime traffic and map updates version (TM)

TomTom XXL 540TM Customer Reviews

As mention earlier in this review Brian Propp Jersey , this is the most popular make of the TomTom GPS devices. With any device that gets popular people always have something to say about it. However, the opinions that should influence our decisions should those of real buyers.

I went through several customer reviews of this product from major merchant websites such as Target, Walmart and Amazon to gather information on what people who have bought the XXL 540TM think of it.

I have found that there’s a great love for this TomTom. Several buyers have praised its ease of use and reliability. One first time GPS user who travelled with the XXL 540TM on a 2000 mile road trip said:

Another said

“I really like this GPS – I upgraded from another tomtom for the lifetime maps and lifetime traffic feature. Also tomtom has now integrated the traffic receiver into the lighter power plug (much sleeker then pictures I saw of older traffic receivers).”

Not to be overlooked is the fact that I had some negetive reviews too. Like any Gadget, the XXL 540TM is not perfect!

A buyer complained on Amazon that he run into proble ms updating his maps. since he didn’t backup his maps before updating, he lost them. His advise? “if you purchase the XXL 540, be sure to backup maps right out of the box”

Another said “After purchasing the unit I did have trouble with the lifetime map update codes and had to call tech support again. They picked up immediately this time. The trick is to upgrade the firmware and the one-time map update first- and then enter the code for the lifetime maps. Total time on the phone 10 minutes or less (and then it is 6 hours for the download).”


This TomTom XXL 540TM Review has helped you know the features of the XXL 540TM as well as the various versions of the XXL 540 that exist. You have also read real customer reviews on this product. What do I think? Well Brayden Schenn Jersey , I think this information is sufficient for you to go and bling!

If you will like more information about this GPS device, Click TomTom XXL 540TM to read. You can also read about a comprehensive review of the most popular GPS with heart rate monitor by same author by clicking Garmin Forerunner 305 GPS Receiver with Heart Rate Monitor

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