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Football betting is like running a marathon Cheap NHL Jerseys , not a 100 meter sprint. Each football season lasts an average of nine months. Each punter must be prepared for the long haul.

A very high percentage of punters eventually lost money. The ratio of losers could be as high as 95%. So, there is this small elite group of 5% of punters who can generate consistent profit year after year. What separate these punters from the losing punting crowd?

These are the six factors that separate the winning punters from the losers :

1) Football betting must be treated as a business, not as a hobby

This is a key factor which is often under-estimated. When you are in a business, every business transaction will be carefully handled to ensure it brings in a profit. You do not transact the business just to have fun. Same with sports betting. Serious punters devote much efforts and time to running their betting campaign as a business. They will do utmost to maximise profit and stay solvent during the gruelling campaign.

2) Have a strategising checklist

The pros establish very clear strategising criteria which involve thorough research and analysis. They place their bets based on laid down strategies and not from the 'sure-win' tips that they heard or the 'lucky hunch' that they feel.

3) Keep a systematic betting log

No business exists without proper paperwork. In football betting, this is called the betting log and all successful punters swear by it. Documenting their bets will help them to identify the reasons behind the winning bets and the causes behind the losing bets.

Keeping records takes a lot of time, efforts and discipline. But the betting log will reveal an accurate picture of all your bets.

Losing is bad. But losing not knowing why is worse. Most losing punters do not make an attempt to find out why they lost. If they knew, they would have done something about it, reverse the tide, and then become winners.

From the betting log, you may be surprised to find out that some things work better than others. Just do more of what's working and less of what's not.

4) Have sound money management rules

The winning punters know that even though they may pick more than 50% of winning bets, they may still lose if they stake more money on the losers. They know that no staking plan can turn a losing selection into a winning one BUT a good selection can be ruined by a poor staking plan.

The pros will set up sound money management rules especially on staking size. The amount will be carefully determined so that their betting fund can remain solvent to allow them to weather any downward swings in the long betting marathon.

The main mistake made by losing punters is varying the size of their bets frequently in the belief that this is the fast track to profits. They doubled up to "make a killing" when winning, and also doubled up to "play catch-up" when losing. They risked too much of their betting fund on a few of such "emotional" bets. They did not spend enough time to understand that sound money management practices can maximise their profit and help them to avoid losing all of their betting fund. Inefficient money management can make them insolvent much faster than they expected.

5) Stick to the plan at all costs

The winning punters follow their plan religiously. This is of course easier said than done as we are all human beings. There are many temptations to stray from the plan. There is always a good reason to do so.

There are punters who may refer to their rules a 100 times but have problems sticking to some, especially the stake size. Remember, you could pick 60% of winners and still lose if you are putting more $ on the losers.

The pros have the mindset to be firm and not deviate from their plan.

6) Be very patient when the chips are down

Those punters who expect to be profitable each week will be disappointed. You are going to win and you must expect to lose. You will have highs and you will have lows. Streaks happen along the way.

Losing is inevitable and is part of the game. The pros accept losing streaks as part of their business. They are prepared to encounter loss in the short run but they never lose sight of their betting business in the long run. Their priority is to make sure their betting fund is not depleted.

Every punter must remember that cash is his inventory, like tools to a mechanic. Without cash, he is out of business, and without a chance to make a comeback.


The above six factors may sound easy to understand and follow, but when real money is on the line, it may not look that easy to do anymore.

It takes a lot of efforts to strategise a winning plan. It can be harder psychologically to stick to the plan religiously. This is why majority of the punters fails to win consistently. I hope you have what it takes to be a member of the exception.

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