Urban conservation approach roads and bridges

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1. Preventive maintenance based. With the continuous improvement and development of road and bridge construction technology, the latter part of its conservation has also been put on the agenda. Therefore, the introduction of new technology and new technologies in the conservation process is essential. Now, Road Cutting Machine
preventive maintenance is the more common method of conservation. This approach is to combine prevention and treatment, including slurry seal technology has been widely used. In this way the use of the process requires the use of seal coat machine, but the high cost of such machinery and equipment, if in smaller quantities bridge maintenance, and generally do not use this approach, mainly rely on artificial mixing approach. Since the slurry seal preventive maintenance technology is a new way of bridge maintenance, therefore, the relevant staff still groping and research. As the construction of a long time, once this way conservation is bound to cause traffic closed, affecting people's normal life.
2. Cold storage asphalting new repair methods. And rural roads compared to asphalt pavement mainly municipal roads,small slurry seal machine
mainly due to the bituminous material characteristics of the decision itself. The so-called cold-laid asphalt storage type repair method is mainly the asphalt material be configured according to the proportion of disease bridge deck repair technology, advanced technology is the use of a new material, you can achieve better repair effect.
3. A New Method for bridge maintenance database management. The database is an organized way to store data collection can be repeated for multiple user service, independent of other applications. Urban road bridge maintenance of database technology is the use of bridge maintenance in the process of testing data, using a typical database management system provides data storage, report generation and data analysis capabilities,trolley type hot melt marking machine
the status of the bridge were analyzed. In addition, the technology can be shared database, query, data analysis results similar bridges, provide reference data for the conservation of the bridge. Currently used a variety of database systems, often with a large database ORACLE, SYBASE, etc., and small and medium MSAccess like. Urban roads and bridges maintenance management involves a huge amount of data, the use of database technology to meet this demand.
4. Bridge maintenance graphics the new treatment method. Graphics processing technology is the use of computer-generated image technology, the use of roads and bridges in the city focused on the conservation of information systems, the use of two technologies are more visual technology and geographic information system (GIS technology). Visualization technology is to convert large data bridge maintenance design into visual images, and can be static, dynamic display,Double Steel Wheel Roller
it can be more timely and accurate grasp and understand abstract data reflect the content, and can be understood according to the trend of the image the law contains data, further analysis of the entire data brought to give implicit information, help accurately grasp the current situation of the bridge.

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