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But my pregnancy wasnt all fun and games…eating like I was going to execution in between dry heaving by the side of my bed in the middle of the night…When I was about 14 weeks along Alex Avila Jersey , my husband and I had a terrible scare. While attending a work-related luncheon, I excused myself to empty my bladder for what seemed like the 12th time that day and saw red and red. Not being one to panic, I waited. But an hour later when I was still bleeding, I became hysterical. I called my husband from my office at work bawling my eyes out, telling him he had to meet me at the doctors office downtown near my office building. While my drive was a short one, he was at least 20 minutes away in his office. As if transported in a time-traveling Delorian, he arrived at the doctors office 2 minutes after I did.

After an ultrasound Adam LaRoche Jersey , the doctor confirmed our baby was alive but that it appeared the placenta was pulling away from my uterine wall, causing the bleeding. He couldnt tell us if this tearing would continue which would lead to miscarriage or if it would stop and our baby would survive. We were absolutely devastated. The doctor put me on pelvic rest which my husband was more than happy to oblige to at this point and also told me I should stop exercising for the time being. (Is the 50-pound weight gain scenario coming into focus yet?)

The bleeding did stop and the tearing stopped and our sweet and beautiful daughter survived and was born perfectly healthy and robust…a day after her due date. What didnt survive were my nerves. I was scared all of the time that I would lose the baby or that she was somehow injured by this insult to my precious womb so early in her development. I was able to quiet the fears from time-to-time but didnt feel complete relief until I held her in my arms after 36 hours of labor. Yes, I said it, 36 hours of labor…that did not end in a c-section but rather a natural childbirth, where all drugs had worn off, and that tore me open from what felt like my sternum to my tailbone.

I am starting to realize that at this point in my story you have probably pegged me as a complainer, a whiner Adam Eaton Jersey , a pessimist to the nth degree. Let me assure you though that I am not. My husband and I were absolutely thrilled to be pregnant and so excited to have children together. We had always planned to have children and had chosen what we thought to be the perfect time in our lives and marriage to start a family. But understand most of the stories I heard about pregnancy from family members and friends growing up and as an adult were that it was a wonderful experience and the most beautiful time in a womans life.

After 20 weeks of pregnancy and walking around with two painfully misplaced ribs, thanks to my daughter being breach and having a head thats position disabled my body from having a rib cage, I thought something must be wrong with me. When I got carpel tunnel from cleaning my shower with a scrub brush and calling my nurse mother in the middle of the night wondering if I needed to go the emergency room (which by the way I have never visited in my life) I really thought something was wrong. And when I developed an itchy, red splotchy rash that covered my entire torso, I was about ready to give up. Was I the only woman on earth who thought being pregnant was not the cats meow but rather the cats nasty, vomit-smelling hairball?

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