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MADRID, Nov. 21 (Xinhua) -- FC Barcelona striker Leo Messi said on Tuesday that his aim for the season was to win the World Cup with his country Cheap Jerseys , Argentina.

Messi's relationship with his homeland had been difficult until recently as he struggled to reproduce his form with Barca for his country, while the fact he has never played league football in his homeland meant that perhaps he lacked a block of supporters to get behind him on the pitch.

That all changed during the recent World Cup qualifying campaign when Messi stepped forward to be the absolute leader of his country and now he has set his sights on Brazil.

"It would be a dream to win the World Cup, both for me, for my team-mates and for all of the country, because it has been a long time since we won," he said in an interview published in Spanish sports paper Marca.

Messi will be out of action for the next six weeks after suffering another muscle injury while playing against Betis just under a fortnight ago Cheap NFL Jerseys China , but he is pleased with his side's progress in a season in which they are so far unbeaten and have ceded just two points in the BBVA Primera Liga while also assuring their place in the last 16 of the Champions League.

"We are on track," said Messi. "We are preparing well for what lies ahead and to do important things at the end of the season."

The striker also brushed aside rumors that he could be tempted away from the Camp Nou by an offer from elsewhere, or that he may return to Newells Old Boys, his boyhood club, to finish his career.

"My intention is to always stay with Barcelona, if it is true that people are interested in signing me then I am grateful for that and it is an honor that they say things like that Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys , but my life is with Barcelona," he said.

Any article about Messi these days cannot fail to mention his rivalry with Real Madrid striker, Cristiano Ronaldo, who has been in outstanding form this season and along with Frank Ribery, his main rival to win the 2013 Balon D'Or award.

"He is always there scoring goals in every game for club and country. He has done that for a long time now and whether or not he is at his very best or a bit below that doesn't make any difference," said Messi.

Get to the fini line of a marathon Cheap NFL Jerseys , and a few runners might vow to never run again. But when all’s said (and run), many petitors end up catching the running bug&mda;and can’t wait to train for that next big re.

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