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We are blessed to be alive on pla earth at this mont in ti. We are so important to the pla because we are on the cusp of a rise in the consciousness of all humanity that will bring on the dawn of a new era of life as we know it on this beautiful blue pla. I believe that the proper thing to do when you are confronted with this situation is to be eternally grateful. The great thing about it is you can begin right now and start being grateful for all that you possess in your life. Not only the material possessions but more importantly the non-material ideals and concepts that you hold about who you are. We are blessed to be living on a pla that is truly a paradise. When we step bk and look at the big picture of this physical earth that we oupy Wholesale Jerseys China , we are in awe of the beauty, diversity and magnificence of it all. Just think of the variety of terrains, from Arctic ice caps, to the Sahara Desert, to the Amazon jungle, to the Grand Canyon. You can vation in the tropics or ski the Swiss Alps. You can cruise Alaska's inside passage or walk on the Great Wall of China. You can dive in the waters of the Great Barrier Reef or visit the pyramids of Egypt. This unbelievable composition of land mass is further complinted by the vast array of water that surrounds us, nouries our land and sustains the life of these human bodies. We get to enjoy this bounty of liquid life in a myriad of ways beyond nouriing our bodies so that we can exist at all. From walking in a spring rain to the snow falls in winter that leave a virgin blanket of white to cover the land. Ski on a lake or ski on a mountain, swim in the warmth of the Bermuda behes Wholesale NFL Jerseys , or hike in the extre cold of Mt. Everest. When you really look at nature from the perspective of the big picture you realize that we are not alone in this venture. Besides the human species, this pla is alive with creatures of all apes and sizes in a giant matrix of aring in this fantastic ga called life. Don't you just love thumbing through a ?National Geographic? and seeing animal species that you had never heard of before, much less ever seen? It is fascinating and mind-boggling when you start to comprehend the vastness and diversity of the conglorate of animals and creatures that inhabit this pla with us. Animals of every ape, size and description are this pla from the tops of the highest mountains to the depths of the deepest oceans. When you see this animal kingdom you are not only struck by the vastness and variety, but as you look at it more and more you see the interconnectedness of it all. You observe that the animal kingdom, unlike the human species, lives in harmony with nature. In the animal kingdom you see that there is enough for all. Only when man interferes with the natural order of things does this balance beco obscured and species die off as a result. We have much to learn from the fellow animals aring this earth with us. These are things the soul knows and things that you too will know when you wake up. Besides animals, we need to be grateful for the world of plants that nature (another na for God) provides for us. We are blessed with fertile Wholesale Jerseys , verdant soils that reap a collage of plant life that not only stimulates the visual aspects of our lives, but also sustains the bodies that we oupy during our ti here on earth. These plants not only provide us with the food we eat but also supply us with the dicines we need to help maintain our bodies in tis of illness or disease. We have barely tapped into what is available to us. There are plants out there ready and willing to serve us that we don't even know about yet. Amazingly there are plants that we do know about that do serve us and we don't even use them. The world has a plant species with amazing powers of strength, agility and healing that we have known and used for centuries. It is called hemp and it is one of the most versatile plants known to man. The fiber from hemp could be used to make our Sunday newspapers, but we would rather cut down a magnificent o hundred year old tree for paper rather than use a resource that can be grown to maturity three or four tis a year. For right now, let's just all be grateful that we have these plants; both the hemp and the o hundred year old tree. I have just scratched the surfe of the topics to be grateful for when looking at the big picture, but let's bring our focus in a little and look at the bounty that exists at the personal level. It's really hard to live in Arica and not be grateful. Whether you were born here or ca here from another country, you live in one of the most bountiful ples on earth, and you have aess to the opportunity to ?be? who ever you choose to be. The physical environnt we live in is like a Garden of Eden. No matter where you live you can be walking in nature in a matter of minutes or hours. Even in the denseness of the cities Cheap Jerseys From China , there are nature parks where you can go to slow yourself down and see the beauty of grass, trees, plants and animals. Our skies are filled with birds and their songs fill the air. We live in hos that are palatial when compared to many parts of the world. Running water, electricity and flu toilets are automatic aoutrents to our life style that we don't even think about, much less be thankful for. We own cars that are marvels of technology and engineering. We have the mobility to travel hundreds of miles from our hos, view the ocean, and travel hundreds of miles bk ho in a single day and be there in ti to watch the evening news on our digital televisions. The technology of this modern age allows us to communicate around the world as if you were talking to your neighbor ross the fence. We adorn ourselves with clothes and apparel and fill our closets with so much stuff that we have to give it away in order to get more new stuff. Do you appreciate the old before it becos outdated to you? Or do you just use it and lose it without an iota of thanks? We eat the finest of foods.

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