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Are you tired of using those same designer t-shirt available in the market. Why not try for something different, like designing your t-shirt the way you want. Yes you can design your own t-shirt with the help of t-shirt transfer.

T Shirt Transfer allows you to design your own t shirt using the free printable t shirt transfer. T Shirt transfer gives you an opportunity to design your clothing with your own creativity just by using the iron on t-shirt transfer.

You can not only print images and designs, but also slogans, sayings, and many other things which you can easily get printed or designed on your clothing.

Some examples of printable transfers are:
-Cartoon characters
- Looney tunes
- Christmas greetings
- Halloween images
- Sports
- Angel themes
- Sayings and slogans
- Wildlife imprints.

You can print the transfers using:
1.Inkjets with
- ordinary ink
- Dye Sublimation ink
- Solvent ink
2.Color laser, normal toner with/ without oil

Free T Shirt Transfer is uniquely designed to easily release the coating material. Thus, it makes transferring the artworks, portraits, photographs, graphics, etc. easier. You can imprint your muscle shirt, Rugby shirt and make them more attractive with these decorations.

Steps to be followed:
?Select a design.
?Print the mirror image of the Free T Shirt Transfer.
?Cut the printed image to appropriate size.
?Iron the transfer onto the shirt. Let it cool down.
?Now remove the backer and see the image on the shirt.

Tips to be followed while using T shirt transfer
?It is always good to print an image on the paper first, than directly using the transfer. This will help you to judge how your t-shirt will look.
?You can also use these imprints to decorate sweatshirts, clothe bags, aprons, hats, and other clothing materials.

<a href=>breitling watches </a><a href=>breitling for women </a>A number of technologies exist today, from inkjet transfers to online designers, which make designing and printing your own t-shirts easy and affordable. But ease of production doesn’t guarantee a good design. The following are three design components to consider when creating a design for a t-shirt: Contrast, Size, and Balance.

Contrast is the difference in *brightness* between colors. You want to have contrast between your ink colors and your shirt. For example, bright yellow, a perfectly good color, is not good for text on a white shirt because white and yellow are similar in brightness. It’s very difficult to read yellow letters on a white background. Dark colored inks, likewise, do not show up well on dark colored shirts. Navy blue ink, for example, won’t show up on a black shirt (or a burgundy shirt, or forest green, etc?.

Another area where you need to consider contrast is the graphic itself. A graphic (or multicolored font) that is made up of a group of similar colors, such as dark blue, deep purple, and black, will be hard to distinguish; the lines and colors will visually blur together. Contrast between light and dark colors will make your graphics easy to recognize.

Size does matter when it comes to shirt design. Bigger is usually better for both text and graphic elements. Your design needs to be able to be read from around six to eight feet away. Keep your text relatively simple, or at least have a major few words that are large and easily seen. People don’t have the time or inclination to read a paragraph of text on a shirt. You have about 3 seconds to get your message across before the shirt has passed by. While smaller text can be used, remember to save it for information that is less important than your main idea since it will be less easily seen.

Balance refers to the overall distribution of text and images on your shirt. A layout is described as being “heavy?where there is a lot of imagery or thick, full, font styles. As the word implies, when there is an area that is heavy (or light), there needs to be a similar area on the other side. Balance can be focused either left/right or top/bottom. As a design element, balance is an area where there is the most leeway for “breaking the rules? Many times an off-balance, asymmetric design can be very energetic. But for a classic, clean design remember to keep your elements balanced.

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