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Recently Mike Richter Jersey , the Chinese basketball's most eye-catching event, undoubtedly the world's top Street Team Water SKY contract, the latter eight main spokesperson for the image of none other than. This is not a simple brand endorsement, and in this behind the brand potential of China's international basketball impulse, and attempts to penetrate the public mind. How the Chinese basketball brand to upgrade international competitive differences? A time to become a hot topic in the industry, but the word basketball allows people than ever full of imagination. At present, China basketball brand few, but the leader and representative of three: a Water, Anta Tie Domi Jersey , and Peak. Focus on the positioning and marketing, Anta main focus CBA, wishing to build their own equipment for the CBA's first brand; Pick the first locking NBA, is the first official NBA partner in China. The Water is positioning itself to become the representative of the Chinese professional street basket, the attempt to create the first brand in China Street, basket, an international outlook and competitiveness of the Chinese basketball brand. In the highly competitive basketball apparel market, the industry's Big Three have locked their differentiated positioning. However, despite the different orientation Jeff Beukeboom Jersey , but their objective is the same: become the first brand of basketball, with international competitiveness. The Water Street team signed SKY world's top spokesperson, apparently its brand and culture of the internationalization process, to a new height. Understand Walt VOIT English brand, which is on the street basketball charm and essence of the best interpretation - in the otherwise mundane street value (Value), outside the field in professional basketball open (Open) vision, perseverance ( Insist) to pursue their basketball dreams, with a highly creative individual performance to win the team (Team) honors, appropriately interpreted Water and street basketball show the perfect combination of brand meaning. When the local Chinese sports brand giants are looking to professional basketball Mark Messier Jersey , the pack chasing market share, but another way to Water Street ball field to the forefront of brand development strategy, positioning, "basketball player", to build China's street ball brand. The signing members of the United States as the top Street Team SKY brand spokesperson, the brand development strategy is based on consideration of Water. Evolution of street basketball by the United States, in the accumulated years of professional basketball shoes R & D capability and production technology based on the now Water street basketball in China is gradually locked the first brand of internationalization upgraded and launched a cultural movement Dazhong Street basket . What is the greatest charm of a brand? Is not it more powerful, but in its cultural roots and the mass base. The Street Basketball is a non-governmental rise of global trends and cultural vitality of a trend. Water lock street basketball, and deep plowing secret agents Ron Duguay Jersey , constantly international breakthrough, the intention in this. According to reports, 22, in Shanghai Shi Street Creative Park conference held in contract, contract SKY Street, the world's top teams, endorsement of the eight participating players to China, one of the five players ahead of time came to Shanghai for the 2010 Walt go past Sky China Street Ball Tour for momentum; then Walt will take the brand advertising. Also in the 2010 Water Street, the ball go past the sky of China Tour qualifying site Adam Graves Jersey , the five players will also be guest of honor appeared in the scene. Water chairman Cai Jinhui said street basket is a worldwide movement, SKY is undoubtedly the highest achievement of the representatives of street basket. The United States signed the team's top street SKY, is to bring the professionalism of the international street ball street ball and authentic culture into China and China's street ball culture of continuous development of roots in the population, as the world Street the development of urban basket. He introduced, after signing a contract, SKY Street team's itinerary, apart from in Shanghai, Shenyang, Beijing Rod Gilbert Jersey , Zhengzhou and Wuhan, five major cities of the 3-month tour, the team will also be invited to confront domestic Street exhibition. "This will be China Street ball players and fans, direct and international top team, the best time interaction. Star power, the spirit of street basketball and the free development of characteristic roots, will belong to the Chinese people themselves to create a fashion, personal and avant-garde movement of the tide. As a result, Water initiated the soul of street basketball and will strike deep roots in driving the industry to upgrade and develop national fitness campaign. At the same time Ron Greschner Jersey , Walt's international strategy will be substantial speed. Water is the first global campaign banner erected, clear-cut that "Walt global campaign," the brand positioning of the sports brand. Water is committed to create "enterprise, brand, product, quality, channel" and other five major international advantage, competition to set the context of globalization, will be the most professional basketball Brian Leetch Jersey , the most competitive level. In the brand marketing, Walt's international impulse has never stopped. From a successful world-class basketball star Wang signing, the spirit of professional basketball, as well as Big Zhi tailored outreach programs, so that in basketball battle invincible. By 2008, an Olympic sponsor or TOP10, became the first Chinese Olympic marketing campaign launched brand. This, the high point in the past, and leveraging the world's top street basketball SKY Eddie Giacomin Jersey , Walt's vision of globalization and internationalization strategy, it can be said, has started from the quantitative to the qualitative stage. When China met the United States professional basketball basket Street giant, will be staged, and will be a carefully written drama. A.

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