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It may sound like an ideal for your business and your budget: the free online press release site. But in truth nike air max flyknit dam , these sites carry a number of hidden costs. And their costs can seriously undermine your bottom line. Once youve written your online press release, youll want to distribute it effectively. You can use a paid service, a free service, or other combinations. Now the purpose of this article is to examine free press release sites-and more importantly -to realize that free doesnt always mean no-cost. As a ongoing user of online press releases, consider me amazed, even dumbfounded when a new blog post or tweet surfaces with a BIG list of free online press release sites. So I wondered, am I missing something? Only one way to find out dig in and do some due diligence. Curious about what I discovered? Well, my search turned up more questions than answers. A sampling: first nike lunar flyknit chukka sverige , wheres the context? Do I submit an online press release to all those sites? Some of those sites? Which free press release sites do better with the media? Is there software available that will mass submit to those sites? How do free online press release sites perform vs. paid sites? What metrics do these sites provide or am I on my own in determining the releases success or lack thereof? Yes, my mind was whirring with questions each in search of answers. Heres the challenge: most of my experience is with paid press release sites and newswires. Of course, some of you reading this now have limited experience in online press release distribution either free or paid. So consider this foray into the free press release world an educational experience for both of us. And with that in mind… Presenting 5 Hidden Costs of Free Press Release Sites 1. Extra time investment Time is money. When you pay to distribute online press releases you can often rely on just one service, especially if you use big, established newswires like PR Newswire, BusinessWire and Marketwire. Even PRWeb can provide enough coverage to justify just using a single provider. However, those newswires are often not budget-friendly, especially for small businesses. So its only natural to turn to lower cost or even free press release sites. A common practice is to submit to multiple free sites. So instead of using one provider now youre using several. Each press release site has its own interface nike flyknit lunar 3 herr , its own unique requirements, its own nuances, upgrades, etc. Now there are software tools that mass submit to these free sites. Ill be testing different software programs and report my results. WARNING: free press release sites often require more advance notice and planning. Thats because many free press release sites have limited editorial deskcustomer service hours, often requiring you submit your online press release 48 hours in advance. Takeaway: is the extra time youre spending on increased labor worth what youre saving by going the free route? With some economical press release sites, were talking anywhere from $20 $100 for more robust performance results. 2. Online exposure and visibility One reason to use multiple free online press release sites is that you cant rely on a single free press release site to deliver the typical coverage and exposure you receive from a paid site. Granted, you can increase visibility by paying to upgrade (see #3) but then thats not a free press release site and it is costing you, right? Even with the upgrades nike flyknit lunar 2 dam , Im not convinced youll duplicate the exposure youll receive from the quality paid press release sites. So how do you know what kind of online visibility to expect? One performance factor is the level of penetration in Google News and Yahoo! News. Such exposure is impacted by the following factors: 1. Quantity of releases submitted. Thats one reason why PRnewswire typically has the greatest number, simply because thats the preferred choice of many companies and PR companies. 2. Quality. Search engines give preferred treatment to more established newswires and press release sites. 3. Syndicationaggregation. Some press release sites (PR-Inside for example) often pick up newsfeeds from other newswires and press release sites. If youre considering using a free press release site, do a quick search in the news search engines and see what exposure that press release site is getting. Just search site: (insert press release site URL). If you dont see a lot of listings, Id go with a newswire that has more activity and better search engine penetration. Takeaway: Again, there is a time component, since youll need to submit to multiple free sites to get the exposure youd receive from one of the paid sites. 3. Upgrades = extra cost Now this is an area that gets right to the bottom line. How do free press release sites stay in business? Well, advertising revenue is one way. Another is an upgrade fee. Heres the rub: just about anything extra is an upgrade. Even worse, the upgrades are not consistent from site to site. Youll need to invest some time just familiarizing yourself with the various upgrades nike free flyknit chukka sverige , if theyre worth the investment and how that impacts your marketing budget. In fact, in a review of about 15 different free press release sites, I counted 25 different upgrades. Heres a sample: 1. Speed of approval 2. Speed of distribution 3. Higher placement on page (above free listings) 4. Preferredshowcased listing 5. Distribution: more sites 6. Othersocial media 7. More industry categories 8. Placement in additional newsfeeds 9. More words 10. Formatting: bold italic text 11. Archiving 12. Media Attachments: images, video, pdf, mp2 13. Ad-free page Takeaway: free sometimes costs money, especially for features and functionality that are already bundled in with paid newswires. Again, compare and contrast. Ordering numerous upgrades ala carte may end up costing more than a paid newswire that includes several at one fixed price. To be clear nike free 4.0 flyknit svart , Im not 100% anti-upgrade. Yet, in the spiritFor me. t.

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