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Cut the phone bill. Sounds crazy, sure, but think about it, is it the phone you need or the Internet? If you’re on a Wi-Fi smothered campus, any type of device can be used for Facebook messaging or even for free online texting. Phone bills vary, so if you’re on a budget family plan, this might not have a lot of impacts. However, if you’re paying $60 a month, that’s $720 a year, and nearly halfway to 10 percent down on a $20,000 ride.
Eliminate expensive clothes. For so-called fashionistas, this sacrifice could be terrifying, but it doesn’t make sense to spend a lot on clothes in college. There is no dress code (usually), no bosses to impress (professors don’t care) and no one to impress (that guy or girl doesn’t care about your new socks.) If you take your fashion taste from department stores to less expensive shops or Goodwill, it will add up to significant savings. TheHuffington Post suggests 12 stores with affordable clothes including Forever 21 and Charlotte Russe. Statistic Brain predicts the average woman’s clothing budget is $59 per month while the men is $35. Cutting this by two-thirds or “Goodwilling it” will end up in $467 of yearly savings for girls and for $277 for guys.

Get a job. You’ve heard it 100 times or maybe never depending on your parents, “You’ll be working your whole life, enjoy the free time now.” It’s true, you might spend some 90,000 hours on the clock in your lifetime. Fortunately, “hard working” is the job description for many on-campus jobs. Many of these positions are glorified study halls with few responsibilities. Fifteen hours a week at $8.00 per hour could end up being around $2,000 before taxes in just a four-month semester.
Spoils Of The Budget
After one hectic dollar stretching year, you’ve saved about $3,000. Not to mention any additional savings from budgeting food, books, and school supplies. That’s over 15 percent down on a $20,000 car. The next step is to research vehicles in your desired range. For instance a quick Kelly Blue Book search prices a 2013 Honda Accord Coupe at just over $20,000.

Armed with cash, pride, and a non-Goodwill shirt, you can infiltrate the car dealership with confidence. Remember to pinpoint your monthly payment with a tool like Edmund’s Affordability Calculator. Obviously, this will be contingent on employment, so you’ll have to up your hours or get a full-time job to hit your payments. Once you’ve calculated the most you can pay every month, lock it deep within your memory. Never allow a car salesmen access to this information as they can manipulate interest rates, trade-in values, and warranties to create the illusion of a fair deal like Best assignment Writing Services Online Help. Instead, offer a range like $250 to $500 if your total payment budget is $400.
If you can successfully save for and purchase a car, the sky is the limit. And, in the future, you can use the same strategies to save for a house, electronics or anything else that provides you with a sense of earned satisfaction and self-respect. Remember, it’ll be worth the sacrifice.

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